Styling Classes

Denise’s fashion styling classes will teach you every aspect of the fashion styling business from start to finish. You will learn key industry skills and what it really means to be a fashion stylist in today’s society. From how to get started to how stay on top of the styling business, Denise knows how.


  • How to create mood boards to industry standards
  • Pitching your mood board to a photographer and magazines for commission
  • How to successfully source clothing, props, accessories and jewellery
  • How to work collaboratively as part of ‘The Creative Team’ including the photographer and hair & makeup artist
  • Sourcing the right models and location
  • Preparation of the PR contacts, and who you can contact to get your clothing
  • Step by step details on the photo shoot process

Providing in-depth knowledge of the fashion world, Denise’s energetic presentations are taught passionately to each and every one of her students. Crafting exclusive workshops specific to your chosen subject, Denise’s passion for fashion can be seen from a mile away. Her bubbly character and fresh perspective make her classes unique giving you an insight into the industry. From sewing to styling, customising to creating, Denise gives you the low down.


Previous fashion workshops include:

  • FASHION CUSTOMISATION – Inspiring young designers

– Be the next ‘culture creator’

– Basic skills in designing your own brand

– Designing and creating logos

– Heat transfer/rhinestone appliqués

– Promote your brand


  • MARKET YOUR BUSINESS – Inspiring marketers

– Identify your brand

– Learn the importance of PR

– Brand awareness

– Social media


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