Brand Consultant

Are you an aspiring fashion designer? Or perhaps you have dreams of becoming a stylist? Discover the potential to succeed in the fashion industry with our brand coaching sessions delivered from experts within the industry and help pursue your chosen career path today.

As a brand consultant our primary focus is to introduce and motivate creativity among our clients. Offering group sessions to one-on-one consultations, our exceptional service caters for each and every person, no matter what age.

Offering highly insightful and constructive sessions we aim to offer clients advice on who and what sources to work with in order to enable and maintain professional success.

Utilizing both their talents and the skills obtained from us, previous clients have advanced as professionals within the fashion industry. Clients include: Mocaroo, Mam Maw freelance fashion stylist Naomi Olivia and ‘Trybes’ scarves.

As industry experts, we are able to work closely with you, advising you on creating a solid structure and clarify your long-term vision as a potential designer/stylist. We will provide you with significant insight into your brand strategy and look into the potential effectiveness of the various business models you may consider.

We aim to support both aspirant designers and stylists within our consultations and additionally customise your work to accommodate any particular requirements you may have.

Personal advice and style tips taken from our fashion presentations have also enabled clients to update their own wardrobes!


We want to help build YOU as a brand.


Here is what is included within our programme:


DESIGNER – How to develop your clothing collection

  1. Concept and Planning

Consumer research, including seasonal trends

  1. Branding

Art direction – identifying and understanding and guiding the vision of your brand. How creative are you?

  1. Designing and Creating

Womenswear design, menswear design, kids design, accessories design, graphics designs (logo, illustrations), websites

  1. Development

Pattern cutting, technical drawings, specification, art work, production sourcing, samples, sample cutters and manufactures

  1. Visuals

Photography, campaigns, ‘lookbooks’

  1. Marketing and Promotion

Market your fashion business – what are the best tools to use?


STYLIST – How to become a stylist

  1. What type of stylist do you want to be? Fashion? Editorial?
  2. How to create mood boards to industry standard – enable your creative visions to come alive
  3. Pitching your mood board to a photographer and magazines for commission
  4. How to successfully source clothing, props, accessories and jewellery
  5. How to work collaboratively as part of ‘the creative team’ including the photography and hair and makeup artist
  6. Sourcing the right models and locations
  7. Preparation of the PR contacts – who you can contact to get your clothing
  8. Step by step details on the process of a photo shoot
  9. How to style a model on location in a studio