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Finally Fight My Fear

Yes!! after all these years I have been so scared to put myself out here because of fear! I have heard it a loads of time and never had the courage to fight my fear.


Denise Brown at Dr Eric Thomas

I finally got to see one of the best motivational speakers in the world!!. I love this guy he helped changed my life. Since listening him he has made me believe in myself and helped me to celebrate the person I am of today. His talk was excellent and has got me geared up for my motivational videos that I am about to start putting out every Monday.

img_1015 img_1013 img_1011



  I was so excited that I went to London Fashion Week on Monday after a long weekend shift mentoring young people in a youth Hostel. I went to London Designer Room and Sorapol presentation, but missed a few shows including Vin +Omi fashion show as I spent so much time networking. I manage to take took loads of Fashion PR and designers clothing. What a great day!!. Check out a few images of some brands.


Denise Brown fashion stylist Denise Brown Stylist

“I’m free to be myself poise”

Denise Brown Stylist 1

I’m in love with these glasses by  Anna Karon- Karlsson  ever since I discovered this designer I have been so obsessed with her style and next year I need to add a pair to my collection.

Teatum Jones

This was my favourite brand at the showroom. This brand had so many dresses that I was so excited that felt like a kid again going to a candy shop. The colours, fabrics and cut of the dresses has made me train harder in the gym as I want to be able to fit into one of these dresses next year.

Denise Brown Stylist

Check out a few of my favourite items.

Denise Brown Fashion Stylist denise brown stylist

Stylish Women of The Day

Love what this women wore at Fashion Week! Check out my blog to see the where to buy this similar outfit.

Denise brown stylist

Fashion Changed Geri’s Life

  Part of my blog I decided to get women from different professional backgrounds and students, style and question them finding out how fashion has really changed their lives. I want to find a way of interacting with real people and build a big network, showing people that you don’t have to be a model or a celebrity I can style anyone!!!. I styled the images in my area at Wembley Outlet with up and coming photographer Annabelle Smith who was interning for me last year. All I can say that day was a struggle as the security was giving us such a hard time, telling us to leave considering we were driving traffic to the shops as tourist were standing around us amazed by the shoot. Check out how Fashion Changed Geri’s life click here

           fashion changed my life screen-shot-2016-09-11-at-17-32-09

           fashion cahnged my life 1 fashion cahnged my life 2


Plus Size Fashion Style

  I was so excited when I styled this women and also took the images for this shoot for my fashion blog. It was a good feeling because I had the chance to style a plus size model and it was something new to me. I wanted to do something different and style a real women not only models. It was such a great experience and the images came out great! to view the who shoot please click on Fashion Changed My Life


                    fashion changed my life plus size  denise brown styles plus size 1

                    denise brown styles plus size denise brown styles plus size 2


Fashion Blog

  I have finally launched my fashion blog after all these years of battling with my dyslexia and being so scared to write because of putting together sentences together in the right context. Now I am celebrating who I truly am and would love you to take time out and read and share it!.



Notting hill Carnival Time!

I decided to go to this year’s Carnival by myself and I had such a great time!. At first I was a bit nervous because at the beginning I felt a little bit lonely after seeing people rolling up together, then once I was in the carnival I had such a great time taking images of some real sexy ladies on the floats.

“I Feel Good”

I must admit that this year I felt really confident with how I looked. Even though I have only recently started using a personal trainer for a month I felt good wearing this outfit as it made me stand out the crowd. it is so funny how one big red hat can complete a look.

Check out a few images and video’s of me just being who I am.

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Hottest Girl Of The Day



IMG_0367 IMG_0380

IMG_0373 IMG_0369

IMG_0384 IMG_0364

New African print shoot out next month in Blanck magazine!

  I am so happy that I styled this shoot with photographer Condry Calvin Mlilo coming out by the end of the month for Blanck magazine I can ‘t wait to add the images on my site!!

  Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 19.35.35

Check out my interview with PR Ronke Lawal


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